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Animal Ethics

The relationship between humans and other animals is both complex and troubling. Our beliefs about the way people treat animals are centred on what we we perceive to be differences between humans and animals. Yet with humans sharing over 98% of their DNA with chimpanzees, how can we be sure at which point animals end and humans begin?

We value animals, humans have cared for them in their homes for thousands of years and yet we regularly deprive them of basic needs such as light and enough room to move freely.

Ethical questions arise from the conflicts between concern for animal welfare and the need to use them in some way. Many of these can be argued using cost-benefit analyses comparing the costs to the animals with how humans will benefit from them.

This section covers:

List what uses of animals you think are acceptable in the following areas:
• Food:
• Recreation:
• Medicine:
• Product Testing:


 Humans and other animals