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AQA - GCSE    GCSE Science B (4462)

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Specification Ref. Brief description Topics found
B1.11.8 Environment: waste 
B1.11.8 Environment: habitat destruction 
B1.11.8 How do humans affect the environment? 
B1.11.8 Environment: waste and water pollution 
B1.11.8 Environment: acid rain 
B1.11.8 Environment: pesticides & herbicides 
B1.11.8 Environment: deforestation 
B1.11.8 Environment: greenhouse effect 
B1.11.8 Environment: cattle & methane 
B1.11.8 Environment: climate change 
B1.11.8 Environment: over use of materials 
B1.11.1 Hormones, fertility & IVF 
B1.11.2 Food & health 
B1.11.3 Use of drugs 
B1.11.4 Vaccination  
B1.11.6 Cloning & genetic engineering