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AQA - A/AS Level    A level Biology (Specification B)

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Specification Ref. Brief description Topics found
11.2 Applications of cloning 
11.4 Principles of genetic engineering 
11.4 Gene therapy and cystic fibrosis 
11.4 Genetically modified animals 
14.5 Ecological impact of farming 
14.5 Pesticide toxicity 
14.5 Balance of food production 
15.2 Pollution of aquatic ecosystems 
15.4 Agricultural ecosystems 
15.4 Chemical control of weeds and insects 
15.4 Biological Control 
15.5 Fish farming 
15.6 Conservation principles 
15.12 Vaccination 
15.14 Contraception 
15.17 Infectious disease 
15.17 Screening Programmes