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Alcohol taken in moderation has been shown by to be associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adults. However, drinking more than the recommended daily levels, and in particular so called ‘binge’ drinking where a week’s allocation or more is consumed in one bout is associated with both CVD and liver disease. Currently there is a lot of concern reported in the media about young people’s drinking behaviour and the risks they are running of irreparable liver disease in their twenties.

 Read the BBC's summary of  the BMA report on alcohol and young people

 What are the recommended daily levels of alcohol consumption for men and women? Try a websearch and see if you can find at least three different sources for this data. Are they all the same? What do you think about this advice?

 There is growing concern about the alcohol consumption of young people, including those under 18. 

  • In your experience, do you think that there is a lot of alcohol use among your age group?
  • Do you know anyone under 18 who drinks alcohol?
  • How much do they drink in a week?
  • What is the pattern of their drinking?
  • Are you sure that each drink they consume is only one unit?
  • Do you think the evidence suggests they are at risk of damaging their health?
  • What might make them change their behaviour?


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