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Prop 37: Californian voters reject GM food labelling

"Polls show 53.7% voted against the contentious measure that was seen as a testbed case for the US as a whole"

Category: GM crops


Prop 37: food companies spend $45m to defeat California GM label bill

"The contentious measure would require labels on GM food sold in supermarkets, but would not cover restaurants"

Category: GM crops


GM crops good for environment, study finds

"Plants engineered to repel pests use less pesticides, allowing natural insect predators to thrive and spread to non-GM fields"

Category: GM crops, Farming


The GM scientists' risky strategy that won public support

"Research group pleaded with protesters to call off their threat to destroy trials - and even offered to fund public debate"

Category: GM crops, Farming


Skinny genes - how GM food may help you stave off obesity

"Scientists are experimenting with modifying foods as a low-cost answer to health problems, including obesity and zinc deficiency"

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