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Regulation of research on embryos:

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

In May 2008 the revised Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill was passed by Parliament. This stated that research using hybrid embryos was allowed as long as the researchers gained a licence from HFEA.

The HFEA is an independent authority, advised by experts in science and law and the general public on controversial issues involving the use of human embryos. Their task is to review and suggest changes to research proposals that include the use of human embryos. They also monitor and license IVF and donor insemination treatments.

Since the bill was passed HFEA have granted 3 licences to use hybrid embryos at King’s College London, Newcastle University and Warwick University.

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Activity: Would you like to be on an HFEA panel? Write a letter of application that explains why you would be a good person for them to choose.