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Key issues

A successful  video project is about much more than just the physical making of the video. Here are some of the key issues that have become apparent during the making of the BioEthics Live! project.

Teachers: Preparation - Try it all out yourself first

Teachers: Preparation - Try it all out yourself first

Every school will have access to slightly different equipment and how these different tools will work together will have all sorts of little oddities. Do have a test run with all of your equipment before trying anything live in a teaching session. Our trial schools found this out the hard way, that much time can be wasted when you realise that the vital cable you didn't know you needed is nowhere to be found and the lab technician has gone home. Much embarrassment can be avoided with a little preparation.

Students: Be nice to people.

Students: Be nice to people.

That means respect their rights, work, time and their dignity.

  • Always ask people’s permission to film them
  • Turn up on time, fully prepared and don’t keep anyone waiting
  • Show the person filmed the end result and check its ok to publish it. It’s only polite and they are much less likely to object to having been portrayed a certain way if you’ve shown them and asked if they’re happy.
  • Make sure you don’t infringe on anybody’s copyright



Copyright is a thorny issue, but easy to get right provided you learn a few simple rules

For more detail see the next page on copyright

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