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Bias and culture

Cultural Bias

It is very hard to avoid a cultural bias, after all each of us is brought up in and lives within our own culture.  We each have our history, both of our country and race, and our religious beliefs. However, peoples' beliefs and values do not always coincide with those of others.

This is particularly true of the world wide web where people can easily set up websites to publicise their beliefs whether these match those of others or not.

In order to be able to investigate whether communicators on a website are unbiased you need to thoroughly research the area by visiting as wide a range of websites as possible in the time available. For each website you need to note its author or publisher and any affiliations. Never copy information from a website with checking on the Home Page for an About link to learn more about the authors.

 Bias and language

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Find three web pages on a controversial issue such as GM foods or animal embryo cloning. Identify who or which organisation has written them.

What does this say or imply about bias? Are all pages saying the same thing?