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Using Concept Mapping

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Concept maps or mind maps as they are often called are a really useful tool for outlining pros and cons or different perspectives in a debate.  The example shown here is constructed using Freemind.

FreeMind is a free Java based mind mapping tool available here:

If you have the Java Runtime environment installed on your computer, you can try out this actual FreeMind mind map by clicking here


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Compendium - Personal knowledge base - free

Developed by the Open University, "Compendium is about sharing ideas, creating artifacts, making things together, and breaking down the boundaries between dialogue, artifact, knowledge, and data."

Download from


Other mind mapping tools

You can find a comprehensive list of free and commercial mind map tools here 


 Thought experiments

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NOT RATED Dr Islam Abdou 02-12-08 18:39
It is a very perfict effort in science education in general and in teaching Bioethics and Physics ethics particularly.

Dr. Islam Abdou
Ph.D. in Science Education