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Genetically Modified Crops

What are GM crops?

Genetically modified (GM) crops are those that have been genetically enhanced using modern biotechnology to carry one or more beneficial new traits. International Seed Federation

Scientists can now manipulate the DNA of any plant to give it new characteristics that would never have occurred through conventional plant breeding.

Any gene from any animal, plant or bacteria can be inserted into a crop plant, and will become part of its genetic structure. Once the plant is grown, the new gene will express the same characteristic as in its donor species.

The possibilities of genetic modification are endless, from the frivolous to the potentially life saving. But there are strong disagreements on many issues that arise from GM technology. For supporters, to block GM is to deny huge potential benefits and possible solutions to world problems. But for critics of GM, it is an untested technology that could lead us down a one-way path full of dangers.

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