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Conservation Examples


  • Education is a key component of Conservation
  • Education can be at many different levels, although the most obvious will be to children in schools.
  • There are many organizations, such as the  World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who devote many of their resources towards education.
  • Education has a major role to play for visitors to conservation sites, especially those involved in ecotourism. E.g. game reserves.
  • Without education, there may be important conflicts between the needs of wildlife and those of humans. E.g beaches for nesting sea turtles and beaches for tourists.

Activities: Choose one of the following animals that tourists (ecotourism) go to see and produce an education leaflet for inclusion in a holiday brochure:


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No room for turtles (a potential green turtle nesting beach in Kos, Greece) - Moustakas Vasilios

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Green turtle nesting beach
– Kathy Boast.